Going With the Pink Shoes: Taking On A Life of Whimsy

November 8, 2017

Usually I have a tendency to second-guess my decisions. I greatly overthink any decision I make-including whether I should have ordered the salad instead of the sandwich at dinner, and even wondering if I should have slept in more and ran later, or run earlier then take a nap. The list goes on of most decisions I’ve made. Sounds silly, right? It may be. Definitely pulls the whimsy right out of some situations, that’s for sure.

With that in mind, I was shocked at myself for picking up these shoes…I didn’t even hesitate when picking them up off the floor of Francesca’s a few weekends ago. I fell in love with the pink color and the bow, mainly because they were just so different than anything I could have ever bought, let alone wear. And they were just so whimsical. And amazingly enough, I didn’t even second guess myself.

I’ll be honest…now I’m obsessed with these shoes. They are SO different than anything I would ever buy, and I think that is what makes them so enjoyable to wear.

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When I wore these little gems to school last week, it happened to be a particularly rough day, a day where things were getting me down and my eyes would drift to the floor as I would think, and instead of looking at the floor, I saw the cute, whimsical, pink shoes. Definitely a mood booster!

I have to smile, because something so different from my own wardrobe staples has been such a fun addition. It’s a pretty good feeling to step out of the box and have something to so different to wear and smile about.

And if I were to translate this whole experience in to a metaphor…it would be this.

Buy the shoes.

When life is getting you down, don’t be afraid to do something that will make you smile. Even if it may seem out of your comfort zone or just seem silly to everyone else around you, do something that will make you feel good! Allow yourself some whimsy and excitement from day to day. So if that means buying the shoes-Buy the shoes. 🙂

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  • Those mules are adorable! The other day I totally bought a black suede pencil skirt on a whim because it made me feel amazing to wear! Treating yourself is always nice every once in awhile!

    • Right?! You go girl! Finding something comfortable and excited to wear is the best feeling!

  • I wouldn’t be able to pull this look off, but they are super pretty! You definitely have to just say I’m going to take a leap of faith when it comes to making purchases shopping.

    -xo, Makaela

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