Gooseberry Falls

June 23, 2016

I realize my Midwest/North Shore/Adventure posts have taken a while to post, but I can’t help but drag out what was a wonderful week!

Gooseberry Falls was another stop on our Duluth and Split Rock Lighthouse Trip. Located a few miles from Split Rock Lighthouse, Gooseberry Falls State Park is an absolutely beautiful wonder!



Clearly we were not the only ones thinking this as the place was flocked with tourists taking pictures. We were very guilty of taking many pictures too!



We opted to take the Falls Loop, arriving at the South side of the Falls and looping below them to view them from the opposing hill and then take the bridge over them.



The massive falls carry water to Lake Superior.








There is something so peaceful about these massive, thunderous falls.





IMG_1361 (1)








It’s always amazing to me, standing next to something this grande or looking over it, how truly small you can feel. I am amazed at natural wonders like this, amazed at how beautiful our world is, and so grateful to God for the gift of what surrounds us.


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