Having Faith on Life’s Journeys

December 27, 2015


{{Photo Credit to The Fresh Exchange}}

The above image has been filtering around on Pinterest for a while, it’s a quote I think many of us can relate to. How many times have you stumbled across the path you’re on now, unexpectedly, only to realize that this unexpected path was the one that helped to answer questions you could never vocalize?

I think for me, I’ve been on this journey for a while, a journey I cannot see the outcome. I’m not sure where this road leads, and right now I have more questions than answers. However, this journey has been pretty dang amazing. I’ve been able to do so much, and grow a great deal.

Going to college at a truly amazing school, was a journey that helped to answer the questions I may not have even understood to ask. It helped me grow and find out who I was.

While we’re on these journeys, we need to have a little faith. Faith that things are going to work out. Faith that no matter what, God has something good in store for us, and the questions we finally think to ask, He’ll have answers for in His time.

So rest a while, weary traveler. Rest knowing that no matter the journey, the answers will come in time. Rest in His timing.

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