Incorporating Denim in Your Professional Work Wear

May 15, 2017

I really love when I can wear denim or something somewhat casual to work. It definitely helps me to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day when I can move around easily. However, I always want to make sure I’m professional and am presenting myself well in what I wear.

One of the ways I love to be comfortable and presentable is by wearing my jean jacket. I actually purchased this same jacket a few years ago, and have worn it non-stop! (I’m also convinced it is the teacher’s jacket of choice as it always goes with everything.) I’m always amazed at how much I can pair my jean jacket with during the work week. You already saw this pink look, and normally in the Spring I will pair my jean jacket with dresses, colored pants, and skirts.

The biggest key detail I appreciate about my jean jacket is that it is flattering and if I have a dress that has straps too thin to be shown at work, I can cover it up with my jacket and still appreciate the dress. I’m sure many can relate!

I really love the lighter options for a more casual look as well, but I’ve loved my dark wash because it looks more professional. There’s also a wealth of colored options for denim jackets! (Here, Here, and Here) The distressed options may come in handy for more casual occasions!

What denim pieces do you incorporate in to your work wear?

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  • I really want a denim jacket but then it makes me worried about the whole double-denim look haha. I really need to go shopping for some new jeans but that really is almost the worst kind of shopping. Overtaken only by bra shopping and swimsuit shopping.

    • That’s totally okay! I love wearing my jacket with colorful pants and skirts. It’s also a nice layer for when it’s cold.

  • Cute outfits! They are very neat and not at all too casual! I love the way you styled the jean jacket and I really like the pop of color from your necklace and bandana.

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