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December 5, 2015


Hope everyone has had a Joy-Full Week!

Recently as I was filtering through Instagram, I realized how many outdoor-sy, fashion, and bloggers I follow on Instagram. Some have great giveaways, travel advice, and gorgeous outdoor shots that make me drool. These range from cute animals to adventurous peeps. So…I figured I’d share!

1. Harlow and Sage! These pups are absolutely adorable. And comedic.

Happy Thanksgiving from Harlow, Indiana and Reese!

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2. Capture Minnesota. I love this feed’s picturesque pictures from all over Minnesota.

Minnesota your showing off! Photo by @austintucker1

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3. Retrieverstagram. Adorableness in puppy form, coming your way!


4. Cabin Life Alaska. This feed documents a man’s adventures living in a cabin in Alaska. The spectacular views from his daily commute and view from his porch are shared with followers.


5. Bob Goff. One of my favorite authors of a book I feel I reference often, Love Does, this feed is full of inspirational thoughts on faith and pictures of living a life of whimsy. Be prepared to leave feeling inspired!

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Have a great weekend!



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