It’s December 26th, and Christmas Doesn’t Have to End

December 26, 2016


Waking up this morning, I could still hear the laughter that echoed through the house this weekend, and I could smell the lingering scent of the Christmas Day Ham. The tree still looked just as pretty and the Joy tea I was drinking was still just as tasty as it was on Christmas.

As a child, I would start counting down to Christmas on August 1st. I looked forward to Santa, baking cookies, seeing distant relatives, playing with the cousins, new toys, snow, laughter, Christmas Eve Church Service, Christmas music and songs, and the utter feeling of magic. To this day, Christmas means just as much to me. I adore spending time with family and feeling the peace that settles over the house. There’s a greater sense of gratitude now that I’m older, and a hint of nostalgia. I long for times when my grandmother was here, but I also realize the gift of what Christmas is-being able to look back and appreciate all  you have.

There is something of magic to think about all the season means. It is the season of our Savior’s birth. His coming was what the angels had sung of and as they crowded in that tight stable, as they wanted to witness the birth of a King. His birth had been so long anticipated.

I am grateful for Jesus’ Birth and what that means. To me, it is a sign of Hope. It’s the belief that there is still so much good in the world, and so much to be hopeful for.

I’m not sure how you celebrate Christmas, or if you do at all. My hope is that you were able to feel the magic and joy that this season has brought; that somewhere over the course of this past month, you were able to take time to appreciate what was around you.

Yes, December 26th is here. It is usually the time people run out to return their gifts or spend gift cards, but just because the day of Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean the Joy of Christmas is.

Christmas is something that lives in all of us throughout the year. Christmas means we can take time for each other, appreciating our Savior and rejoicing in His Birth. His Birth helped to change the world, giving us hope for tomorrow. Christmas is when we sit and enjoy what is around us, laugh with our loved ones, and look with anticipating to the future.

Maybe Christmas the Day is done, but what we take away from it will always remain.




What is something you are taking away from Christmas this year?

Wishing you peace and joy in this continued holiday season!


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