January Memories

February 2, 2016

Halle Mae 4

Happy February!

I was recently invited by Basant at Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert (wonderful blog with many topics I think many can relate with) to participate in her monthly blogging challenge to write a summary of things learned throughout the month. I really love this concept of reflection and summary of each month–after all, a blog is a way to log memories.

So January…

This has definitely been a month when I’ve realized just how quickly time is flying by. It’s been a milestone month. Post college graduation and throughout my first semester of teaching, I kept relaying the idea back to myself. “I’ll think about the summer in January,” or “That project will happen after January.” Well…January came and went and it is now February of 2016.

In some ways it is surreal to think of myself as an adult, 8 months out from college. My college experience, at Luther College, is difficult to put in to words to describe. The meaning of the memories, life lessons and friendships from Luther are challenging to convey. Safe to say, I feel touched in a way from Luther that I never thought could be possible otherwise.

So while parts of this month of January have been mourning the ending of that era, I’ve also stumbled across the great realization of something…

I don’t have to move on.

I don’t have to leave everything in the past. Because those four years have helped to shape me in a way I never quite thought possible. I am so grateful of who I am today, and especially for the new set of wings my college helped to give me.

I think the same rings true for many aspects in life. No matter the moment, good or bad, happy or sad, you carry it with you. The question is: what are you going to do with the past? Are you going to dwell in it? Or are you going to use it for your advantage?

I cherish conversations and time spent with Luther friends, keeping in touch with old professors, and using many of the skill sets I learned while there.

Yes, there were challenging times. That comes with the territory. But I learned how to laugh at the past and keep going.

Even though I’m now in a new place, it is up to me how to use my college education.

One thing I pride myself on is finding JOY in life. To me, JOY is the utterly shameless happiness you can find. I found so much JOY at Luther. Even though that time has past, it doesn’t mean more JOY doesn’t exist out there.

From all this reflection, I have come to realize just how many doors there are to be opened now. First and foremost, being back in Colorado, my eyes are being re-opened to the many possibilities of adventure in this state! (New snowshoes…here we come!)

So…January has been a month of reflection for me. I’m coming full circle. Back in Colorado after 4 years in the wonderful Midwest. I’m grateful for that time. And now I’m eagerly anticipating the coming months and the adventures to be had!

Who knows what February will bring?? 🙂



19782_10155586592965455_3527960510922445520_n (1)Thank you Connor for the picture!



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