Kale Chips with Yumbler

April 26, 2017

I am so excited to share this post in conjunction with Yumbler!

If you’ve been around for a while, you may notice that I’m not the best cook around. I enjoy it, but also really love meals that I can cook quickly and easily. (However, I’ve been improving!) Since college, I’ve made it a point to really improve my cooking and branch out from the usual mac-n-cheese meal that once dominated my diet. (Also hello to mug cakes in the evenings and scrambled eggs! Anyone else a quick-y cook?) Post-college, I still enjoy cooking, especially now that I feel I have more time to do so. I also love to find quick and easy recipes to make that are fool-proof.

And this my friends, is definitely one of them!

Kale chips are a pretty wonderful healthy snack to have, and quite easy to make.

If you haven’t tried Kale, it is a leafy green that is often used in salads. It contains a wealth of vitamins and fiber, as well as healthy nutrients. While I’ve been training for a marathon, I’ve been gravitating towards healthier snacks that help me stay full and feeling good. Since my potato-chip addiction isn’t really helping in this department, I’ve been eating lots of Kale chips instead! They really are just as delicious and salty as potato-chips, and they are the perfect snack to help you feel full.

Emily, a good college friend from Luther, and her roommate, Margaret, have started a blog featuring their home-made delicious cooking-Yumbler! I’ve loved following along on their recipe journey and made their Kale Chip recipe this weekend.

The recipe requires a few key ingredients, Kale for one, as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ll leave the recipe card below, and let the ingredients speak for themselves! They have some helpful tips for making this recipe the best it possibly can be. It results in a pretty tasty outcome, one that will not be lasting long…

Kale Chip Recipe

I ended up sprinkling on Parmesan cheese on to my batch of Kale Chips as well as salt and pepper. It was a pretty delicious snack for the day.

If you’re looking for other yummy recipes from Yumbler, these here and here look pretty scrumptious! You can also find Yumbler on Instagram and Facebook.

Biggest thanks to Emily and Margaret at Yumbler!

What is your favorite healthy snack to make??






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