Kid Moments

December 15, 2015

Lately, I feel like my kiddos in my class really do say the best things. Here’s a few instances of cuteness I figured I would share…

  1. A few weeks ago, one of my students went to get on his braces. The next day, I found an orthodontist’s referral card on another student’s desk. When I called the student over who had just gotten on his braces I told him he had left his referral card on another student’s desk. He corrects me and goes, “No no. I left it there. It’s a referral card for braces. I get $100 off if he goes to the ortho.” My best guess is that my little guy had gone around the room looking for the kid with the worst teeth. Quite the entrepreneur!
  2. Over Thanksgiving Break, I decorated our classroom door with a snowman. When all the kids got back, they were surprised at my snowman door and especially mortified when one child said the snowman looked like a demon. I thought I was creative in having a cool door, until my student pointed out the red eyes really weren’t doing anything for the door decor! I still think the snowman is pretty cute. 🙂IMG_0715
  3. Recently one of my students said she had gotten a quote from Henry Ford that was inspirational, and then she said, “Isn’t Henry Ford the guy from Star Wars.” It took me a minute to figure out who she was talking about. “No sweetie, that guy’s name is Harrison Ford.”
  4. Elf on the Shelf has been big this time of year and yesterday during our weekly Monday Meeting, a bunch of students were talking about their elf on the shelf. One says, “My Elf on the Shelf moved three times this weekend! However, my parents told me I couldn’t touch it because then the magic would wear off. But I touched it not once-but SIX times. And the magic didn’t wear off.” I was impressed he counted how many times he touched the elf.


I love that kids find so much joy each day. Sometimes what they say is the absolute best and I think it definitely illuminates the true wonder in life. Even if it is pretty comedic. 🙂

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