Late Winter Whites + Blush Loafers

February 10, 2017

Happy Friday! This week has gone by so quickly, and I am loving this weather Colorado has been having. I am a huge proponent of Winter and snow, but I have to admit, I absolutely have loved the SEVENTY Degree temperatures this week. It seriously was so uplifting and unexpected. Just the kind of mood-booster that was needed this week.

Weather aside, one of the biggest takeaways from this week is the disbelief that Valentine’s Day is next week. Uff Da! When did that happen?!? I for one am amazed at how quickly the year has gone.

With the warm weather temperatures I have been wearing clothing that is suitable for Spring, not quite the usual sweaters for mid-February.

Last week I picked up these blush shoes from Target which are perfect for this time of year. They’re reasonably priced (Under $25) and are so comfortable. They even passed the all day teaching test! My top is so light and comfortable, and definitely works well with my favorite pair of white pants. The great debate is whether or not it is an appropriate time to pull out the White Pants. What are your thoughts? Wait until after Memorial Day? Or not?

I really am loving the blush colors this Spring, and have loved all the pinks and reds leading up to Valentine’s Day. Wishing sunny days and warm weather for you! 


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