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What’s On My Shelf This Season

December 11, 2017

This Fall I have been discovering SO many good books to read! Quite a few came as recommended by friends, and some I saw on Instagram. Usually blogs and friends are the first people I look to when I want to find something new to read.

In between reading books for school, (finallllly reading Wonder and boy is it GOOD), I’ve loved going to bed each night reading a book for fun. Besides new books, I’ve been revisiting a few good titles that I’ve kept on my shelf since High School. I guess some books just make an impact on you. 🙂

Here’s been a few of my favorites this season! (And a few I will constantly go back to)

1 // Love Does 

I probably talk about this book too much, but I love the stories throughout each chapter, and the whimsy that I always take away. I feel each time I read it, I am looking at the world through a new set of eyes. There’s quite a bit of Theology in this book, which I like to read critically, and I appreciate hearing these thoughts on faith.

2 // The Mountain Between Us

Maybe this wasn’t the best book to start reading while in a small 4-seater plane to North Dakota, since the book is about a plane crash in Colorado, but even that couldn’t take away the true enjoyment that there was when reading this book. I ended up finishing it in a total of 4 hours and can’t recommend it enough. Although I haven’t seen the movie, and I’m honestly not sure if I will, just because I’m not sure if anything can top this book. (Thanks for the rec, Jenny!) If you have seen the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

3 // Outlander

Yup, got on that train real quick! The book is amazingly historically accurate and I’ve been up wayyyy past my bedtime reading this. The story takes place between two worlds; post-WWII Scotland and Scotland in the mid 18th century. Quite a unique step back in time to read this. I first heard about it from Erin on Cotton Stem, and my interest was piqued. Definitely a good read!

4 // Summer Before The War

Historical Fiction has definitely been a theme this year, and this book was one that reminded me of watching Downton Abbey. The story takes place as the title says, the summer before the war, and takes readers through what life was like on the home front in a small village in England.

5 // Hope Was Here

This is a young adult fiction book with so many life lessons we too can learn from. The story takes place in Wisconsin where a young girl, Hope, finds her way to a new city with her aunt. There they learn more about living life from the people and experiences that make up the town.

6 // The Husband’s Secret

Written by the bestselling author, Liane Moriarty, this story tells about three women and their realizations of the secrets being kept in their family. This story keeps you reading as you wonder what really happened. Moriarty does a really wonderful job of intertwining stories and keeping you wondering.

What are some books you’ve been reading lately?

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