Learning How to Deal With Stress as an Adult

September 13, 2017

Do you ever have those moments where the stress of life just gets to you? Maybe things are piling up and the amount of items on your checklist are too much to handle? Well, you’re definitely not alone. In what seems to be a world where the stress grows, it is so good to know we are not alone in feeling that way.

Stress or no stress, there’s still some good ways to handle-or eliminate-stress.

This week I was worried about having enough time to finish all the things I wanted to do, both in school and out of school, and I felt swamped with the amount of work I wanted to accomplish. It’s gotten me to thinking about how I handled stress in college versus how I handle stress now, and I think it’s two totally different ball games.

Here’s some quick thoughts on managing your stress.

#1: Don’t worry about getting everything done.

The truth is that sometimes, not everything on your checklist can be accomplished. Learning that is going to happen is so important. It almost relieves a weight of its own when you expect to get at least of few things done you had planned out. Try your best to get done what needs to be done first, then complete the other items you need to do.

#2: Prioritize what needs to be done.

Mailing bills out in the mail should probably be at the top of your list, as well as urgent tasks that need to be completed. I like going through my checklists and star the things that I know absolutely need to be done, then prioritizing those items. This way, I don’t stress too much if other items on my list don’t get completed.

#3: Block out time for various tasks.

Don’t spend forever on one task. Stop yourself after doing something for twenty minutes, or an hour, or a reasonable time limit that sounds good for that one task. But don’t spend forever on it. Switch to something else when you finish up your time limit on one task, and switch to something else. That way you have some prospect of finishing something, and that way, at the end of the day, you can feel good about getting something done.

#4: Give yourself a break.

Really, #4 should be tied with #1 because your mental health is so incredibly important. You definitely need to make sure you are doing what you need to do in order to feel your best. If that means taking an entire evening to relax and watch TV or read a book, then do so. Make sure you don’t feel too burnt out!

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#5: Be sure to talk things out.

I’ve discovered that by talking with someone else about things or problems I may be trying to solve, I’m more likely to make wise decisions. Even praying about it has helped me to relieve my stress about making a decision.

#6: Take a deep breath

Things are going to be okay! Stress will pass, and maybe this is just a good time to take a quick break. Go outside, spend time with friends, do something that makes you happy. It’s not quite worth it if you’re completely exhausted and stressed out.

What are some things you do to manage your stress? 

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