Life from Above

September 9, 2015

Sunset IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII love flying in planes. Oh my goodness yes. The thrill of flying from thousands of feet above the ground, knowing a new destination is coming soon; new places, new faces, new memories. It’s the thrill of traveling that has kept me yearning for new pins on the map.

I love seeing things from the air, looking down over rolling fields and great cities. Often looking down, observing the clouds next to me, brings me so much clarity and peace.

A few weekends ago I was able to journey to Iowa and take another plane ride. It was amazing to look down at the world below me and the pinks of the clouds as the sun set.

This August has been somewhat of a whirlwind! I have started teaching fourth grade, and I have loved it! The continuous stream of teaching, planning, and grading has definitely challenged me. But I feel in my element. I love bringing joy to learning for the kids.

Before school started, I will admit that it was a pretty rough go. This summer was full of moments post-graduation that left me wondering, “What am I doing?” I think I had to go through a mourning period after leaving Luther behind. I had to sort of re-invent myself. Find my identity beyond the rolling bluffs of Decorah. Trust me, that was not the easiest feat for me. I was not ready to part with the girl who studied, lived with some pretty amazing friends, and would go trail running in the woods behind our house. But the biggest realization was that I didn’t have to part with that person either. I just had to elaborate on her. I had to morph that person in to the teacher, independent person, still a Norse at heart person.

The second biggest challenge for me has been trying to figure out the realms of faith outside of Luther. I feel so blessed to have had a strong faith environment at school. Not having the constant reminder, or glimpse, of faith on a daily/weekly basis through organized faith gatherings or friends willing to pray, I have found the challenge of looking for God and listening more and more. It has almost made faith more meaningful.

My guess is that many people go through these thoughts after college. I don’t think I’m alone in the post-grad struggle of figuring out where in the world we belong, and why can’t our friends join us always??

For now, looking forward to future time spent with friends, the ever-present memory of Luther, and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from airplanes, which I feel are a gift from God, is enough.

Sunset for blog

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