Life is “Autumnal”

November 7, 2016


This season of life has certainly felt…well, autumnal. I’ve been seemingly more and more busy, filling up my planner with new events each day. I’ve even taken to writing things down in my planner after they happen, just so I can keep track of things from week to week.

Recently, my favorite person just moved closer to me, yahoo! There are weddings approaching, good friends coming in to town, and blogging. Amongst “big” events, also seems to be more little things to do. Errands to run, more emails to respond to, family and friends to see. I am incredibly grateful for all of these things, and somehow, the hype of this year has made this season of life so “autumnal”.

Why “Autumnal”?  Well, when I think of autumn, I think of beautiful colors, warm temperatures mixed with cooler temperatures, time with family and friends and preparation for the holidays ahead.

Autumn in itself is a season of transition. A season to say goodbye to the warmth and prepare for the cold.

Autumnal is just a nice phrase to explain how transitional and precious this time in life is.


The Holidays are approaching, and with the Holidays means time spent with Loved Ones, and reminiscing on the past year. It’s a time of warmth and celebration, cheering on the year as it has been and what is left to be.

With these new transitions, I am finding it is bringing on a wealth of emotions. Excitement, focus, determination, and most definitely, balance. I am grateful for busy days, and time with dear ones. I am grateful for the cooler days ahead, knowing the work I am doing now will pay off in the end. I am also grateful for the love I feel from so many around me.

And certainly, dear friend, I am thankful for you. Thank you for sticking around in this autumnal season of life.

Are you going through an autumnal season? If so, what is helping you to get through?



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