Life Lessons in Your Twenties

April 19, 2017

When I was a kid, I used to think that when I was eighteen I would be all grown up. When I was sixteen, I thought twenty-year-olds had life together. When I turned twenty, I was pretty sure growing up was just another phrase for “getting older”. Being in your twenties is definitely an enjoyable ride! It’s full of maturing, making memories, life lessons, and the realization that you can expand your dreams and reach those goals. It’s such a unique age in that everyone goes through their twenties at their own pace, but yet somehow can relate to each other within the decade. Leaving college or school and entering the “real world” has varied impacts on each person. And in the end? Well, it helps to build character and gives each person the opportunity to learn who they are.

  1. “She’s so easy to talk to” is a huge compliment. There’s so much more to a person when you can actually have small talk and get something out of it.
  2. Travel can’t wait.
  3. Go to every wedding that you’re invited to. You never know who you’ll see and get to catch up with, and celebrate such a big event with!
  4. Speaking of weddings…you never get married too early or too late in your twenties. Everyone goes at a time that’s right for them!
  5. There will always be a kid in you.
  6. Bills are expensive.
  7. Travel is limitless.
  8. News, radio and books are essential connecting tools. Listen and Watch what’s going on in the world.
  9. Early bedtimes are definitely okay, and most often a must.
  10. Your first job out of school most likely won’t be where you’ll end up in your 30’s. Just keep at it.
  11. Time FLIES.
  12. Friends who have babies provide you with oodles of play time.
  13. Exercise is important.
  14. Taking care of your body is essential.
  15. Socializing won’t be as much as it was in college.
  16. You really never stop missing your college friends.
  17. Saving money is top priority.
  18. Life is much more relaxed than you may have thought. Or more stressful. Depends on how you look at it.
  19. It’s okay to go back home.
  20. It’s okay to move back home. Doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
  21. No more homework!! (Unless you’re a grad school student, in which case that is awesome! Way to stick it out.)
  22. making new friends outside of college takes work. (What happened to open doors in the dorms you could just walk in and say hello??)
  23. Feeling lonely after graduation? I can guarantee you’re not the only one.
  24. Time management comes in handy so often.
  25. Sundays are for family and football.
  26. Paid Time Off is so welcomed.
  27. Coffee shops are the perfect place to meet people.
  28. Facebook becomes a places solely for random videos and birth/wedding/engagements announcements.
  29. The biggest life changes happen in the decade between 20 and 30.
  30. It’s how you handle challenges that counts and builds character.
  31. Nothing quite beats talking to your bff about your real-world challenges that they’re also amazingly experiencing.
  32. Paying off student loans gets really real, real quick.
  33. You can now relate more to every adult you’ve ever known.
  34. Laugh lines are so worth it!
  35. It’s the best idea to seize every opportunity.
  36. Take care of your teeth and eyes.
  37. Don’t look at your phone for too long.
  38. Phone calls with friends and family are so much better than quick text messages.
  39. A smile can make your day.
  40. An early release from work is the best.
  41. There are no right answers.
  42. You can see stories from both sides, and can start making more decisions based on pros/cons.
  43. Making dinner is an art.
  44. Taking care of your car is a bit of self-love too.
  45. Investing in good furniture is a bit of investment for your future too.
  46. Going on dates is at a different level than before.
  47. Habits are quickly made.
  48. Taking care of your skin is a gift you can give yourself for years to come.
  49. Long talks on the phone are gladly welcomed.
  50. You are yourself, and each step and life lessons through your twenties helps to build up who you are as a person. Enjoy each minute and know each day is a pretty marvelous blessing.

Any life lessons you’ve learned (or are learning) in your 20’s?

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