Lighthouse On the North Shore

August 7, 2017

A few weeks ago, my family traveled to Duluth, Minnesota, which if you haven’t been, boasts some pretty amazing scenery. It was actually the second time there this summer, the first was for the marathon, and this time was solely to visit my brother. I really enjoy spending time with all of them! My brother is my best bud, and every time we get to spend time with him is just truly the best. Especially since he’s been in the Midwest the last few years for college, and working through an internship right now.

On the Friday we were there, we journeyed to Split Rock Light House, located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The North Shore boasts its own beauty and it doesn’t take much to be mystified by this beautiful part of the country. I really love Split Rock, as you can read all about the light house’s history and the significance it played in guiding freighting boats in to Duluth from other parts of the Great Lakes at the site itself.

I think one of the best parts about Split Rock, besides learning the history of it, are the trails surrounding the lighthouse. Since the lighthouse is on a jutty spreading out over the Lake, it is prominent and can be viewed from any point along the shore.

I have such an intrigue for lighthouses. I love the idea of a lighthouse being a beacon of hope for ships traveling in the night. I especially love the imagery of a lighthouse’s light letting ship captains know they were close to their destination.

The weather was beautiful! It was a perfect day to pull out my favorite shirt, which I definitely bought in a few more colors, as well as some comfy shorts. (This is the same shirt, different color, that I blogged about a few weeks ago.)

And for some reason, the North Shore doesn’t feel quite as humid as the rest of Minnesota, so this was a perfect outfit for the day!

There are so many other places to explore along the North Shore. From Gooseberry Falls to Two Harbors and Grand Marais, there’s still a few I have on my bucket list to see.

Have you ever been on the North Shore? Or Been inside a lighthouse? 

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  • I love the North Shore! I try to get up there at least once a year, but won’t at all this summer. Glad you got to enjoy it twice! When I was in middle school, my family went on a week and a half camping trip up the shore. We stayed at 3 different parks, but visited all 8 (9 if you count Jay Cooke just southwest of Duluth)!

    • That sounds marvelous! There’s still so many places there I’d love to visit. So many cool things to do!

  • OMG this looks like so much fun and I am in awe over that view!!

    Lauren |

  • Oh my, I had no idea this place existed!! This is beautiful! To be honest, I’ve never been any more west than Chicago (haha) but now I’m dying to see the North Shore. Thanks for adding a spot to my list haha! I would love love love to walk that trail. Glad you had such a great time. These are beautiful photos as well!! 🙂

    Jaycee |

    • It really is beautiful! I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Definitely a pocket of the United States that not many know about! Let me know if you go!

  • I love visiting old lighthouses! This one is beautiful! THat view!!!

    • Right?! It’s so much fun to see lighthouses. Definitely a relic of a time long-gone.

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