Little Black (Floral) Dress

April 3, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I am freshly back from Spring Break in California, and I absolutely loved being able to play along the beach for the past few days. Getting up to run along the boardwalk each morning, with the ocean on one side was quite the dream. It was certainly a memorable trip, and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to go. Once I sort through the upwards of 400 photos, I will be sharing a few on the blog! One thing is for certain, I’m a little bummed to be back (the sign of a fantastic vacation), and in desperate need of some aloe for some painful sunburns. This was my first trip to California, and it has certainly made me want to return. SO many things to do! I’d highly recommend San Diego for anyone looking for a sunny destination with plenty of options of things to do.

Now that I’m back in a bit chillier Colorado, I wanted to share this gorgeous Little Black (Floral) Dress. I loved working with Sammie from Zoey Grace Photography on these photos, and she captured the dress so well! The Little Black (Floral) Dress is a must in the Spring. (This one is super reasonably priced.) One of the best parts of this dress are it’s flutter sleeves and it’s twirling capabilities.

Whenever the temperature gets above seventy degrees, that’s usually when I pull out my Spring Dresses. It’s almost like a little victory dance when I can wear some of the dresses that have lain dormant all Winter. I’ve loved all of the floral dresses that have come out this Spring, and any opportunity I can get to wear one, I definitely will! This dress is great for Spring and I know I’ll keep wearing it in to Summer.

This Little Black (Floral) Dress is wonderful for Spring as it’s just the right amount of classy to dress up or down. Pair with a jean jacket for a more casual look, or heels or wedges for a night out! The white flower print definitely matches all of the beautiful blossoms on the trees here in Denver, too. (Similar Options here and here)

Biggest thanks to Zoey Grace Photography!

Anyone else a Little Black (Floral) Dress fan??

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