Living a Double Life

July 7, 2016

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“Students these days are living two lives. One is on social media, and one is their reality”

Recently I heard this quote from a fellow teammate, and I was struck by this very true statement. (Personally, it sounds like a rather dark statement) Students are growing up now living two different lives in one body. One life is the side of social media where their world is “as it should be” and the other life is the one where they walk and talk and live normally around others.

This is an interesting commentary on today’s society.

In life, we go about our days which probably include work, school, friends, and family.

On social media we jump head-in to adventures and post them freely, and we “prune” what we want visible on our sites. We post only what we want others to see.

In many ways, I have seen the ways social media has carried over in to real life. Many try to comb their lives to fit the life they want others to think they live on social media. Fun. Exciting. Adventurous. Flawless.

What happened to make the augmented reality become our norm?

I’m not quite sure what this means for the future, and I’d be sad to think that all our futures would revolve around our phones. (Ironic since I am blogging and spending time online).

Maybe it is a good reminder, to gently tell others to put down their phones, look around, and go experience the world outside. Challenge yourself to a no-phone hike or walk, or a media-less meal.

Live life for what it is, not for what you think others want it to be. Don’t worry so much about living two separate lives. In the end, I can’t imagine that making life much easier when you are living only how you want others to see you as.

Life is fleeting. Live it out for the sake of your own memories. Take a million pictures, for yourself. Don’t worry about what others will see. Go and enjoy life! It’s there to be embraced and loved. 🙂 Adventure awaits!



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