Makeup for the Gal Who Isn’t Sure How to Wear Makeup

November 2, 2017

Let me just preface with: this post is SO out of my comfort zone. A little secret about me? I don’t really wear makeup, and that’s been pretty true since theater performances in high school. I’ve always had such sensitive skin, which has seemed to react to just about everything, so…I’ve stayed away from makeup.

In high school and college I was probably one of the few hardly ever wearing makeup. On a good day, I’d wear some blush and maybe some mascara, but that was big for me. (Anyone else like this?!)

I’m not really sure where the aversion to makeup came from-maybe it’s because I’d have to wear the globby-thick foundation and loads of liquid eyeliner with cat-eyes for performances, and then it would take eons to remove afterwards. But I think it was also because I didn’t really have the patience to apply makeup in the mornings, and I have always been happy with who I am without makeup on. I’m definitely a proponent of natural beauty! 

However, as I’ve moved in to my career (that still feels weird to say!), I’ve realized that the more you look your best on the outside, this can reflect how you’re feeling on the inside. And I’ve also realized that with my young age, sometimes I look like a student, so I should probably start taking the time to look like a teacher.

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So…that being said, I have been hesitant to share this post for a few reasons. The first being, there are loads of amazing makeup Instagrammers and bloggers who have developed the craft of applying makeup for each event and day-to-day life. And while I don’t have quite that amount of experience, I have discovered a few things over the past few years that have helped me in the makeup realm. These are a few things that have worked for me, and a few things that have helped to stop my skin from reacting and breaking out to makeup. It’s really a win-win!

As you can see, my makeup supply isn’t much, but it works for me!

The first element of my makeup is the foundation. I had been looking for a foundation that wouldn’t clog my pores or cause extra breakouts, and this lovely foundation seems to do the trick. I really love Neutrogena, and the fact that this is a foundation that promotes clear skin, that’s all it took for me to try it, and I’m so happy I did.

In high school, I once got on a peach eyeshadow kick. Now peach eyeshadow when you apply a great deal of it turns more in to…you guessed it…orange. It. Was. Awful. It actually got to the point where I’d put it on (thinking I was cool), and my Mom wouldn’t let me go to school wearing it. Whoops! So I guess that’s where the neutral eye palette came in. I tend to gravitate towards browns which bring out my blue eyes, and that’s where this palette comes in. It’s been a trusty set of eye shadows and I’ve even started liking a bit of the glimmer elements to it.

I really like having a powder to put on after foundation, and this one has been easy to use and seamless. I also usually use a powder blush by Physician’s Choice, which is chemical free, as well as an organic mascara to prevent infections in my eyelashes.

I’ve also always gravitated towards using good makeup brushes. I can’t say enough about the Bare Minerals brushes. I’ve had them for years, and even though they are a bit pricey, they last a LONG time.

And for the end of the day? Well, that’s where I’ve discovered using a toner to get rid of the makeup I’ve been wearing all day. I love using a toner because it removes any extra makeup that I may have missed when washing my face. This one is all natural and has really made a big difference for me.

I also make sure to clean my brushes every other day, if not every day to make sure that there isn’t any bacteria buildup. This is huge for helping to prevent the spread of acne, especially when using a blending sponge for foundation.

So there you have it: a very simple, quick-n-easy makeup routine for work. I really have come to love doing my makeup because I know it has made me more aware of how I treat my skin. Washing my face, exercising, and drinking lots of water each day has also helped!

What is your makeup routine? What products have helped you keep acne at bay?

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  • Such a great how-to! I have a five minute makeup routine that I’m so happy with but I know other people think I’m crazy. 😉

    • Thank you! That’s good to hear your’s is quick and easy too! It’s nice to have something tried and true and easy to do each morning!

  • I love this! I have a simple 5 minute routine too! I never have any of the cool make up trends down – just BB cream, blush, and mascara! hahah

  • I so related with this post! I very rarely wear make up thanks to my former days of competitive dance during childhood. Now when I where it I use Bare Minerals for almost everything! Foundation, primer, blush, concealer and even powder. Their make up is light and comfortable to wear.

    • Yes! It’s crazy how those childhood experiences shape our makeup trends lol. Bare Minerals is awesome!

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