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August 21, 2017

If you haven’t heard, I’m slightly obsessed with printing out pictures. Since middle school, I’ve loved indulging in taking pictures, then printing them out to adorn every surface. I quite honestly think this began when I had my own locker in 6th grade, and realized there was nothing better than decorating your own locker with pictures of your friends and family, next to (of course), pictures of Lizzie McGuire that I had meticulously cut out of a magazine. Even though my decor choices have changed over the years, my love for decorating pictures has certainly not changed.

To this day, I feel pictures bring the most meaning to a space and are the best connection to the past.

Years ago, I watched my Mom sort through all of our family pictures, labeling them, and scrap-booking them. She would spend hours scrap-booking our family vacations, reunions, and daily adventures. It was those scrapbooks that I loved looking at as I grew older, and being able to hold those memories in my hand, was pretty special as a kid. What I loved about them the most was that the pictures told a story. It’s often said that pictures are worth a thousand words, and I definitely believe that. Each photo tells a story.

My Mom’s scrapbooking passion I ended up picking up in high school, and I still love looking through my high school album I made to chronicle each of those four years. Even though I didn’t scrapbook much in college, I still made it my job to print out as many pictures as possible to fill my dorm room walls. And they seriously created the best story board and topic of conversation for people who visited my room.

I love how printing out pictures and cherishing them serves as such a sweet connection to the past.

So when Printiki reached out with the opportunity to print more lovely pictures, I was stoked. There is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to hold pictures, and be able to display them somewhere. I’ve also found that sending printed pictures makes for a lovely gift for friends, especially when you can find a cute frame to go with it.

What I really love about Printiki is that the company gives you the ability to customize the way your prints look. You can add borders to them, and choose the size in which to print them. I really appreciated being able to print out pictures that were square; this reminded me of a hipster-chic Instagram picture print.

I’m currently loving the size of these prints and the quality of the photo. The colors are bright and just as vivid as when I took the pictures.

Pictures serve as such a great story, so why not print them out to preserve that story?

Currently, I’ve been finding good spots to display these wonderful prints, and I’m hoping to share more as I continue to redecorate my room.

If you’re interested in printing prints for yourself, you can do so through Printiki, and use the code NU5SREW2 at checkout. Printiki allows you to print as many prints to your hearts content as you’d like, and even customize your prints with captions, borders, sizes, and styling. You can also find more out about them here.

Did you ever scrapbook? Do you prefer to print pictures out or post them online?

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A big thanks to Printiki for the sponsorship of this post. 

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