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October 17, 2016

There have been so many new faces the past few weeks, and since Lemonade Press’ new “Facelift”, I’ve decided it’s about time to reintroduce myself.

I am Caitlin, the brains behind LemonadePress Blog! To keep things short, simple, and to the point, I’ve come up with a list of 25 things to tell you about myself. I’d love to get to know you as well! Be sure to drop a comment line below!


1 // I started LemonadePress Blog in its early stages 6 years ago on a different blogging platform as a way to keep up with my friends and family at college. Eventually, it morphed in to a LifeStyle/Inspiration Blog after I graduated from college. I’ve always loved Lemonade, and something about a Lemon Press seemed whimsical when I was re-strategizing this space. I’ve always loved writing, and blogging has been such a wonderful outlet!

2 // My absolute favorite book of all time is Love Does by Bob Goff. This is such a positive book, filled with so much stinkin love, and I have a tendency to recommend this to anyone who asks for a book recommendation.

3 // I am a Colorado Native. Having gone to college out of state and returned, I have to say, Colorado has always had a piece of my heart. I love hiking, skiing, and exploring this great state. I’m also biased that the mountains in their splendor speak for themselves about why you should visit/live in Colorado!

4 // I love blogging, and outside of blogging I have the privilege of teaching elementary school! Teaching is a huge passion of mine and I feel blessed to be in a career I love.

5 // I enjoy playing guitar and recently picked up the ukulele. Something about this instrument is just so happy and joyful.

6 // I love having deep life conversations. (At appropriate times of course). Listening to others and talking through pivotal moments in life is something I dearly love.

7 // My number one form of Social Media is Instagram. I love being able to peruse pictures, use LiketoKnowIt, as well as see snapshots from around the world. You can check out my blog’s Insta here! I also love sharing pictures so much on Instagram, I started Rocky Mountain Collection, an Insta based solely on pictures of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. You can check that one out here!

8 // Some of my favorite clothing shops to go to include: Francesca’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Lululemon.

9 // Some of my non-clothing shops (and somewhat clothing) are: Target, The Container Store (I love organizing), and REI.

10 // Starbucks? I do enjoy Starbucks, but after living in the Midwest throughout college, I love Caribou Coffee! At any coffee shop I enjoy an Iced Vanilla Latte in the summer and chai throughout the year! And ANYDAY, a cuppa Earl Grey. 🙂

11 // Top two favorite restaurants include Chick-fil-a and Chipotle. Gotta love em!

12 // I have never been outside of the United States! I love to travel and have loved my adventures on the continent, especially Cape Cod, and the many trips to Minnesota. I am looking to some day soon travel to Europe as one item on my bucket list is to ski in the Swiss Alps!

13 // My favorite movies include Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sweet Home Alabama. I’m a sucker for the classic Rom-coms.

14 // I have a little bit of a picture taking problem. I once did a project where I took a picture every day for a year to record what was going on in life. It was a bit much, but it is still fun to look back and see what was going on!

15 // One of my favorite regions of the United States is Northern Minnesota. I absolutely love the lakes, wide-open spaces, tall trees, and overall absolute calm of the world. Things are so peaceful and I always enjoy heading back there. Next to Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul are my favorite cities!

16 // I am currently registered to run my first MARATHON!!!! I am stoked to be running with a dear friend, and to train. T-8 months!

17 // My favorite TV Shows include: West Wing, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s, and now Designated Survivor and Blindspot. However, I am a sucker for Fixer Upper! The biggest dream would be for Chip and Jo to design my house! (Or give me some insight in to how I should design it)

18 // My current book being read is The Woman in Cabin 10. From Page 1, I was hooked.

19 // I am really close to my family. I feel grateful and blessed to have such a close immediate and extended family.

20 // For my Bachelor’s degree, I attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I absolutely loved my four years here! I cannot say enough about my experience, especially the friendships and memories taken away from the school. SKOL NORSE!! I also feel like since my time at Luther, I left part of my heart in the Midwest. I’ve definitely fallen in love with Minnesota, even more than the trips there as a child, but I will always be up for a trip to Northern Minnesota.

21 // One of my goals is to climb as many fourteeners in Colorado as possible. There’s nothing quite like standing on top of a mountain. Definitely makes all your problems seem small. This past summer I climbed Quandary, only a few (53) to go!

22 // I would love to, someday, earn a degree in Interior Design. {Or at least pursue my passion for design in some way}

23 // I have a huge passion for helping kids. I love my job as a teacher and couldn’t imagine doing anything else than helping others pursue lifelong learning!

24 // I love history. I spent most of my childhood trying to learn as much as possible about the past. My favorites? Jackie Kennedy and the Titanic. There’s something so captivating about learning about the past.

25 //  Singing is such an important aspect of my life. After being in choir throughout college and most of my life, I still find singing and music so calming and grounding.

So welcome!! I am so happy to have you here! I’d love to get to know you, dear friend! Feel free to leave an introduction and answer the question below!

What is one of your favorite qualities about yourself??



  • I am one of the “new faces” as I just recently started a blog of my own! I relate a lot to what you said about Colorado having your heart. I feel the same way about my home state of Virginia. I couldn’t wait to get out to college in Florida only to want to come back as soon as possible! Looking forward to reading more!

    • Hi Megan! It is so nice to meet you! I will definitely be following along on your blog! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Loved reading this! It’s always nice to get to know the people behind the blog. 🙂

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