Monday Muse: Humans Crave Connection

January 25, 2016


Have you read the Weekend Paper lately? Take a look at the Sunday post. There are stories about anything and everything. Sports, homes for sale, news about the latest football win (YAY BRONCOS), as well as obituaries, wedding announcements, and suggestions on how to live a better life. For so many years, the paper each week was the way to connect, and still is!

Now, in the 21st century, connectivity has been sent in to hyperdrive. Facebook was created to show proof of how we are connected. We have check-ins to signify where we’re at and to meet up with others. Somehow we are suddenly in this world where connection is constant and instantaneous. People scroll through their phones while waiting in line.

People crave connection.

Connection is human nature. We have the need and desire to be around others. To talk with, laugh with, cry with, and sing with.

This weekend, I visited my Grandfather, and as we sat in the living room of his place, he was eagerly showing me the Radio he had received for Christmas. I loved hearing the music come out of something so simple. For him and for many of his generation, the radio was their “digital” form of connection. It was so simple, and calming. And so wonderful to sit and listen and talk to him.

In a world full of instantaneous connection, when is connection too much?

There comes a point when we have to figure out what kinds of connections we want. Do we solely want the ones generated on a newsfeed? Or would it be better to go out and connect with people on a deeper level?

This has been something I’ve thought about quite a bit recently, and I have to share my gratitude for both types of connection. I think in many ways, the Newsfeed is something I rely on. Group Chats with friends states away, as well as coffee dates with people here. Both have enriched my life greatly. I think in some ways, the balance between the two has given me a greater appreciation for those around me.

Connection. It’s true. We crave it.

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