Morning Truth

April 26, 2016

SRT I am the way

Recently I signed up to receive several weekly and daily emails from the company, She Reads Truth which is geared towards women and does small Bible studies using encouraging emails each day.

During Lent, the focus was on the events leading up to Easter using various bible passages, the “Truth” to think upon. Last week was walking through Exodus and Moses’ life and actions.

I love this inspirational message each morning, and it always is uplifting to read, and very relatable. It helps to put the different Bible passages in to perspective which makes different aspects of the Bible easier to understand.

It is truly remarkable to be in an age where companies and people are making the Bible easier to understand and offering encouraging messages using verses and Scripture.

So, if you are looking for a good way to begin your morning, I would highly recommend signing up for their emails.

Have a great day!



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