Mountainside Time

January 26, 2016


Winter truly is one of my favorite seasons. I love the biting cold, the flurries outside the window, and the darkening of the sky in the evening. To me, it all signifies the beginning of the ski season.

I feel pretty dang lucky to have grown up in Colorado where skiing was synonymous with walking as a child. Since then, nothing has been quite as rewarding as stepping foot in the powder of snow on a run down a slope early in the morning hours of the weekend.

Recently, one of my friends came from out of state to visit, and as we were skiing, I felt like I was experiencing my home state from a new set of eyes. Colorado truly is amazing, and I feel lucky to be able to share these pictures!


Even on the cloudy days, the mountains seem to hold some sort of magic.

Rocky Mtn. Filter{Thank you SnapChat for the filter}



There is a serenity unlike anything else up here. As the famous mountaineer John Muir said about the mountains, there really isn’t anything quite like these amazing features.



“The Mountains are calling…and I must go…”

-John Muir



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