Music in times of Uncertainty

February 19, 2016


I am a firm believer that music touches lives and provides a gateway of connection for people. Music has the power to lift us up, inspire us, touch our lives, and be a companion in ways we never thought possible. It’s amazing really, that a simple melody can be timeless.

I feel very blessed to have been apart of many amazing choirs and orchestras for most of my life. As someone who constantly has a song stuck in my head, I usually can identify a time period in my life as reflected through music.

Now, saving the sappiness, I figured I would share one of the songs which has definitely reflected aspects of my life, and I think we all can relate to.

My Senior Year of High School, I was visiting Luther for a Scholar Recognition Day and to get a feel of the school before deciding on where to go to school. To be fair, I was definitely torn of what school to go to. On this particular trip I was supposed to complete a project over poetry for my AP Literature class. With my poem selected, (“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth), all I had to do was figure out the project. Coincidentally, that weekend I was listening to Coldplay’s “XY” Album when the song “White Shadows” came on. (I inevitably ended up combining both the song and poem together to compare them.)

As I was touring Luther in what was one of the coldest Midwest days that Winter, the lyrics of the song really struck me.

Maybe you’ll get what you wanted, maybe you’ll stumble upon it, everything you ever wanted, in a permanent state.

This new found song soon became my sort of anthem as I chose Luther several months later. It would come to reflect most of my time at Luther; opening doors to opportunities I never thought would even exist for me.

Even now, those lyrics have certainly stuck with me. At a time in life where I could only dream about taking a leap of faith and trying something new, I had to believe that I’d find “everything I ever wanted”. At such a confusing time of uncertainty of which path to take, I’m glad I made that jump. In the end, Luther really did give me everything I’d ever wanted.

Many times in life we are faced with moments of uncertainty. Options are presented and it is up to us to figure out which path to take. Talk about nerves flying! Even though it may not be what we want to hear, we have to trust that maybe a new chapter in life will bring us everything we could have even wanted, or could have wanted.

All it takes is a little extra leap of faith, believing no matter what happens, the experiences will impact us and lead us on through life.


Has anyone else been impacted by music in such a way? It’s pretty amazing how something so simple can ring true of certain phases of our lives. 

  • I agree with this 101%. Music is a vital part of my life as well and there are really songs that affect you beyond you can imagine. 🙂

    • So much so! Music affects us more than we realize!

      • That is sooooo true! That’s why I have written some stories and poem based on music. 🙂 I just love them and they inspired me a lot.

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