New Year

January 1, 2016

Can you believe it is the end of 2015?! I for one, cannot. It is amazing to think back upon is year, and as I sit in the airport writing this up, I am amazed at all there is to reflect on.

January 1, 2015, I had no idea what 2016 was going to look like. I was graduating, this much I knew, but beyond the walls of the gym we walked across the stage in in May, I had no idea what the future would hold.

Yes, this year has had so many ups and downs, just like any other year. In the long run, it was a year of growth and faith. Even though I was not sure what the future would hold, I had to learn to trust it would all be okay. Trust that God had a good plan.

Although this year took many unexpected twists and turns, I’m happy to be where I am! It’s been a year of wonder and reflection. Time with friends and family, travel and a great deal of learning!

I hope that as the holiday brings about a great deal of nostalgia, you too can look back and be satisfied with where you’re at; where this year has brought you.

I once heard someone say that we can find true happiness with our lives when we look back and see that no matter the ups and downs, we are happy with the person we are today. That is my biggest wish for you, dear readers, that you would be able to be happy with where you’ve been.

Now I’m not sure quite what my New Years Resolutions are right at the moment, but I am planning on working on this blog more and making sure I take time for friends and family!

Well as the plane will be here soon, (I’m really looking forward to ringing in 2016 with this wonderful person!), I wish you the happiest happiest New Year!



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