New Year’s Goals…So Far

January 8, 2016


My first New Year’s Goal this year…to keep my New Year’s Resolutions.

Update: It is January 8, and so far so good!

My first goal has been to get on the eating healthy-exercising more within my pre-marathon training prep! This has been going swimmingly. (Amazingly enough!)

Before diving in to other New Year’s Resolutions/Goals, I wanted to try the KLOVE 30 Day Challenge. If you haven’t heard of KLOVE, it is a nationally recognized Christian Radio Station which puts out the challenge each year, to take the 30 Day Challenge, by only listening to Christian or uplifting music for 30 days straight. Personally, I love uplifting music, and who doesn’t want to have a positive spring in their step each day?!


I have noticed in the past, that when I listen to Christian music or uplifting music, I am much peppier. I have more energy, than if I was listening to other music.

As it is Day 8 of this challenge, I have noticed several things.

First, I have consistently woken up with some sort of positive song stuck in my head.

Second, I really do feel pretty positive. I’m hoping that I keep these positive vibes going the rest of the month.

For now, I figured I would share some of my favorite uplifting, positive, Christian music! Some of it is pretty catchy!

  1. My first favorite artist this week has been Brandon Heath. His acoustics and vocals blended together make for some thought-provoking music.
  2. After attending a Chris Tomlin concert last March, I have still consistently listened to his music. My favorite uplifting song(s) are as follows:
  3. And finally, another go-to artist has been Mat Kearney. He came to my college to perform several years ago, and I have been a fan ever since. (A truly great person as well!)

Otherwise, you can listen to KLOVE music on their commercial free radio station you can stream online.

If you aren’t quite in to this type of goal, I would challenge you to observe how the music you listen to affects you and your mood. It’s pretty amazing how what we hear can so profoundly affect our mood and attitude each day.

More to come on my other New Year’s Goals!


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