No Man is an Island

July 3, 2016


There is something dreamy about an island. An island is distant, accessible only by boat, and can hold a million secrets. There could be caves, rocks to climb on, maybe even a hidden bungalow.

These were all my thoughts regarding islands as a kid. Back then, each island seemed to hold something so intriguing.

It’s interesting to hear the phrase now, “I feel like an island.” Isolated. Alone. Desolate.

What ever happened to our perceptions about islands? I can’t imagine I was the only child who loved islands. Now, to be “an island” means you’re alone and isolated. It’s more of a feeling that does not mean good things.

It’s far from the dreamy images of an island from childhood.

What if feeling like an island didn’t have to be that way? What if we were stuck in a place in time and we felt like an island, maybe alone and lost, but really, we were given this opportunity to explore this new dreamy place?

What if we just changed our attitudes about our islands? We could leave our scars and secrets there, and when we were done feeling alone and isolated, we could sail away.

If you’re feeling like you are currently “stuck on an island” and you’re far away, don’t worry too much. Treat the feeling of isolation as a jumping point, a place to discover new things about yourself. Look at things from a new perspective; roam your island, make yourself comfortable and learn from your experiences. See your island as something unique. You’re not really alone, you’ve got someone up above watching you, and you’ve got all it takes to keep on going. Have some faith. Besides, islands aren’t really all that bad. 🙂


PS: Here’s a little inspirational video for today’s post!



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