Oak & Oats Air Planters

February 27, 2017


Recently, I stumbled across Oak and Oats’ blog written by Beth, and absolutely loved her writing. She’s got a wonderful fervor for life and a passion for the simple moments. Her blog certainly reflects this as well as her colorful style! Her blog exudes positivity and grace.

Recently, Beth and her husband launched their shop, Shop Oak and Oats, selling planters for air plants and succulents. I was immediately intrigued as I have not had the best run of luck with plants. With air plants, you don’t have to water the plant or really, plant it. An air plant absorbs water from the air on it’s branches and stabilizes itself against whatever surface it is “planted”.

On my 101 in 1001 list I began a year ago, I made “Grow a Plant Successfully” one of my goals. By the time I had purchased a cheap plant and had thought I had helped it to grow, it ended up dying because it’s tin was way too small and it was not for the indoors. However, succulents are practically perfect for growing indoors! I would highly recommend these plants if you’re like me, and need a low-maintenance plant.

Oak and Oats offers so many different planters they have all designed themselves. Their planters are colorful (hello blue and purple!) as well as uniquely shaped to best fit the modern look of air plants.

If you are interested in purchasing an air planter, you can use my code at the Oak and Oats Etsy store, for 20% off: LEMONADEPRESSBLOG.

On a side note, my plant’s name is Vernon and he’s currently residing in the “Sherlock” planter. So far, he’s doing just swimmingly and our relationship seems to be going well. Hoping for a long and happy life for him!

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