Olympic Unity

August 10, 2016

It is one of the best times of the year (or rather every four)…The OLYMPICS!!!

I am stoked the Olympics are on. I absolutely love watching the Olympics and could spend hours in front of the TV. I’ve always been so grateful the Olympics occur on our school breaks. Winter Olympics over Winter Break, and Summer Olympics over Summer Break. Another perk of being a teacher!

Some of my favorite events this year (like usual) are Women’s Gymnastics, Synchronized Diving, Swimming, Tennis, and Track. This weekend I may or may not have teared up watching Aly Raisman’s preliminary floor exercise. All these athletes are just so good! I also get a little overwhelmed watching so many countries come together.

I realize there hasn’t been all positive reviews of the Rio Olympics, but no matter what, the Olympics have a sense of unity which hasn’t been very prominent in the world currently. The Goal of the Olympics is to represent each country and come together to compete.

Come Together.

Out of all the chaos and frustration that sometimes comes in the world, there’s an event engineered around coming together. Yes, we may be competing against other countries, but I love the idea of unity. Being one. Coming together to support one another.

As the Olympics air, media starts to paint a portrait of the athletes competing and what events in their lives have led them to this point.

Stories such as Yusra Mardini, a swimmer who pulled her boat of 20 people to safety by swimming after fleeing her home in Damascus. Yusra is an athlete on this year’s Refugee Team in Rio made up of Refugees across the world who have been displaced and are without a team to compete on. Other stories include that of Oksana Chusovitina, a 41 year old Vaulter who has competed in 7 Olympics and whose dedication helped to give her son expensive treatment for his Leukemia.

Even stories of Simone Biles, competing after being dubbed the “Michael Jordan of Gymnastics”, or Michael Phelps going for his 20th and 21st medals. Vogue has come out with a list of “Most Inspiring Athletes You’ll Want to Root For”.

Each athlete has a story, and once every four years for those summer events, those athletes are the world’s focus. The stories of overcoming hardship, the stories of achieving dreams and goals, and the stories of accomplishment and support.

Watching the Final Five win Gold last night was emotional for many. It marks the final Olympics rotation for Gymnastics Coach and Legend Martha Karolyi.

Seeing Success and accomplishment play out on the world stage is a light for many.

Sometimes its the proof that many need that there is still so much good in the world. There is passion and persistence. There is individual fight and strength, and there is the ability for the world to come together.

And then there’s the hope that maybe, just maybe, the world will be made a little better when we all come together for one purpose. For the Olympics.

Your Turn! Any favorite Olympic Events you love to watch?


  • Hi Caitlin,

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer! I came across your blog today and I really enjoyed your post about the Olympics. Sorry to post a comment but I couldn’t find your contact info! My name is Shannon, and it’s nice to meet you!

    I work for Tommy John, and we pride ourselves on providing the utmost comfort to our customers. Summer can be tough, going from that outdoor heat straight into the arctic air conditioning! There have definitely been times I regretted wearing a cute dress after I spent the day freezing in my office. I’d love to see your suggestions and tips for styling young professionals for summer days spent in the office! 🙂

    If you interested in featuring your suggestions in a blog post please let me know and I’d love to send you some more details.

    Talk soon,

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