Out of the Comfort Zone

September 12, 2015

Ice Cream to me is Comfort Food. No matter where I am, ice cream is always a good idea.  I love crazy different flavors such as Little Man’s French Toast or a good old cookie dough tornado from the Whippy Dip in Decorah, Iowa. Where there is ice cream…you will be sure to find me.

Anyway, this year has definitely challenged me in a good way. Teaching for the first time has definitely helped me grow and develop into a stronger person. It has made me think more critically about the things I have to do in order to best meet the needs of my fourth graders. And most importantly? It has helped to push me out of my comfort zone.

At Luther, I felt so comfortable by the time senior year rolled around. It truly was home. I knew what to do in order to succeed and I loved being surrounded by dear friends. Now, in a new environment, I haven’t quite found my comfort zone (thus some more indulgences to my favorite cold comfort food), and figuring out my place away from college, I am really pushed out of my comfort zone.

It’s taken me a while to realize that just because college is over doesn’t mean the adventures end. In fact, as college ends, I realize how many doors are opening and new opportunities to push me out of my comfort zone can only mean one thing…growth.

People aren’t meant to stay the same, but rather continue to grow throughout their lives.

Maybe, if you’re scared of growth, think of it this way: you’re never really losing who you are, you’re just improving the person you are now. It’s like a nice little upgrade. Like adding chocolate chip cookie dough to chocolate chip ice cream. You may have not realized ice cream-or life-could taste so good until you’ve tried it.

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