Things we can learn from chicks…

May 30, 2016

One of the best parts of Spring during college was going to the Chick Hatchery in town, where baby chicks could be found.

The Chick Hatchery doesn’t solely sell chicks, but outdoor merchandise and hammocks. Each Spring, when word got out the chicks were back, we flocked (pun intended) to the store.

It was rather comedic the number of people who were picking up chicks and the excitement over going in to town to hold baby chickens.

It’s the same idea about babies. Everyone wants to hold them. Same with puppies. Once I held a wild baby bunny…ad-or-able.

But why do we like babies so much? And at that, babies of any type?

In a way, I think we’re all drawn to new life. There’s innocence, hope, and the long stretch of blank canvas ahead of this tiny piece of life. We hope the best for the future for them, we want to give them all possible means of success.

So why don’t we do that each day?

Life in itself, no matter the stage, is precious. 5 years old, 12 days old, 84 years old, 102 years. No matter the age, we still have so much life left. There is still a blank canvas stretching ahead.

How differently would the world be if we all took a moment to realize the canvas is stretching wide open ahead of us?

Today is the First Day of the Rest of your Life.


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