Prone to Travel

May 13, 2016


Anyone else love the whir of the jet engine, the thrill of knowing that on the other side of that runway, once you land, is the opportunity for something new??

Ever since I was young, my biggest dream has been to travel to Europe. The thrill of adventure, the hope of a new place to explore…anyone else caught by the travel bug?

Although my bucket list of places to travel may be long, I wonder where we, as humans get our desire to travel to?

And perhaps, it all comes down to the ability to travel.

We were born to move. Squirm, walk, wave, skip, jump, wiggle.

And why not put our movement to good use?

So we travel.

Perhaps the distance isn’t far, or maybe it is. In any case, we find our place in the world by exploring.

In a way, we must explore. New sights, new sounds, new foods to try. It’s almost a huge part of the unique human experience.

And what a cool part of the human experience it is!


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