Pull of the Page

February 22, 2016


Why is it that we are so drawn to the stories played out in the pages?

I suppose it could be any number of reasons. From finding an escape in the life of a character, to seeking advice from a literary hero/heroine, or even to just finding peace in the pages, books have a draw that much else has.

Yes, I’ll admit, I love watching new movies on Netflix, TV shows after work, the list goes on. With a book, there’s something personal the TV can’t quite bring. With a book-you can touch the pages, pick it up whenever you want to be lost in a different world.

Whenever I’ve finished a good book, I often notice I seem to be “in the clouds” thinking about the book, and processing through what I’ve read. Books have such a power to change the way we think and view the world!

I also have noticed that when I go in to a good bookstore, I can’t help but pull at least four or five books I want to read. The above picture are the books I decided to splurge on my last bookstore trip. I cannot wait to read them!

Some of my favorite inspirational and thought-provoking books include: Love Does by Bob Goff, Love Wins by Rob Bell, and recently, A Life Intercepted by Charles Martin. The first is one I recommend to almost everyone around me! You can’t go wrong with any of those titles.

Happy Monday!


What books have you found that have been influential in your life?

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