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June 5, 2017

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We spent it fishing here, taking full advantage of Colorado Fish and Wildlife’s Free Fishing Weekend. I had been going through my phone and realized I had so many snapshots of pictures I wanted to share, but not enough pictures to make a blog post about each event I had taken a picture of.

With blogging, I take so many photos that are styled (or attempted to be styled), and sometimes not enough “daily” pictures. So recently, I’ve been trying to take more pictures on my phone of “daily” events to document life. So I figured I’d share a haul of some of the everyday life things instead of the usual nicely DSLR-shot photos.

Also, if you followed along on Instagram, I posted on my story all about my trip to Milwaukee to see some of my college besties over Memorial Day Weekend, and I have to be honest…I hardly took ANY photos. We were doing so much and laughing so much, I legitimately did not even realize I had hardly taken pictures until I was at the airport on my way out. So instead of doing a whole post on Milwaukee, I figured I’d just add them here! (I’m also grateful we spent more time talking than taking pictures, it’s good to have some time just spent catching up!)

Sparklers in Wisconsin for Memorial Day!

This was the BEST Coffee shop in Appleton, Wisconsin…so cute and eclectic!

Go Brewers!!

Miller Stadium is too cool-it has a retractable roof for inclement weather!

Sometimes I wonder why I love white shoes so much…then I look around at my family’s shoe choices too…

The hydrangeas around the block are gorgeous this time of year!

A few weekends ago, we celebrated with my extended family, birthdays, internships, successful endings to the year. There’s always a reason to celebrate and be happy! Pictured: my favorite rasberry filled-funfetti cake to make.

It SNOWED the end of May. This was my drive to school in the morning. Crazy!! I was shocked at how slick the roads were. (Don’t worry, I was stopped because of the accident ahead, so I took the picture.)

Nothing quite says summer like fro-yo!

This was the outfit I wore for field day at school. The kids loved the day! (You can also see my outfit here)

Going in to Denver, especially Cherry Creek North, I always drool over the homes here. Gorgeous!

Bonnie Brae is a Denver staple for ice cream!

Happy Monday!! Have you checked out my Instagram story for Monday Motivation yet?? I’d love to hear something that’s motivating you this week!

Have a wonderful week!

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  • I love this. It’s fun seeing what you’ve been up to! I’m craving froyo now. Someone on twitter mentioned it earlier today and now this…it’s totally a sign! I can’t believe it snowed there just the other day. It feels like it should be just about to snow here (if it actually snowed in Auckland that is.)

    • The snow was so crazy! I think you should take it as a sign to eat froyo…any day is a good day for that!

  • This is such a fun post idea! I take so many photos that never go anywhere and I just delete. It’s definitely true that sometimes you’re having so much fun you forget to take photos – that happens to me all the time haha!

    • Isn’t it true?! It’s fun looking through those random moments of photos anyway, because most of the time they have great memories associated with them!

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