Relative Size

March 17, 2016

Have you ever stood in front of something and thought about how small you feel? Maybe it’s the Grand Canyon, or you’ve stood looking up at the mountain looming ahead of you, your feet stuck to the trail because you’re looking at something which once felt insurmountable.

Size matters sometimes.

And sometimes it doesn’t.


Driving up to see a local Denver Buffalo tribe, the buffalo seem to fit the relative proximity of the mountains. They’re a large, massive, slightly imposing animal, much like many of the Colorado Peaks which create a backdrop behind them.

Sometimes we seek out Grandeur. We desire things to be bigger and better. Latest iPhone, new fast car, newly-renovated home. Yes, those things are great. But looking at the world around them, do we really need them?

As I photographed these big guys in the fading dusk of the day, I was struck by how calm they seemed. So content to stand and stare and eat.


It’s okay to feel small sometimes. Sometimes this gives us a better relative perspective on life.

Something to chew on, eh?

Happy Wednesday!


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