July 11, 2016


Yesterday was slow. My Fit Bit alerted me that I had only taken 2,609 steps in total. I was feeling run down and exhausted. My body was telling me to stop moving and just take a break. And so I did.

I feel fortunate enough to be in a profession where  I can take time to do this.

In many ways, our society tells us that to be successful we have to keep pushing. We need to keep going towards our goals, gain business success through perseverance and be involved in ten different things at once.

But at what cost?

Do we run ourselves in to the ground with our work? Or do we take time and appreciate the time around us?

Yesterday I felt off. It was strange not doing anything. I wasn’t checking anything off my ever-growing checklist. I didn’t even have the energy to do so anyway.

It actually felt really good, and what started out as a silly run-down cold at the beginning of the day, turned in to me feeling much better by the end of the day.

Don’t forget that in times of stress and overload, it is okay to take time for yourself.


Take it easy.

Don’t weary yourself too much.


If you are looking for more pep talks on taking time for yourself, check out Whitney’s blog.


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