May 31, 2017

You may have noticed a lack of posts over the past 10 days, and don’t worry, all is well, I just truthfully needed a break. The reasons for the break were three-fold. One, it was the last week of school for my students, and after moving up with them from fourth grade last year to fifth grade this year as their teacher, it was tough to say goodbye. I really wanted to make sure I was fully present, and able to get all the end-of-the-year things done!

Two, I was tired. This may sound like the lamest excuse, but at the end of the year, I felt like my creative juices were drained. I had blog posts to fill up last week, but didn’t feel like they would be the best representation of me. (But look out for new and improved posts on snacks and my summer bucket list soon!)

And Three, I so often write on LemonadePress that rest is important as well as being intentional with your time. What kind of message would I be sending if I didn’t take my own advice at times? So I did take my own advice. I decided to stay off my blog for the remainder of my week and wait until I felt more refreshed and ready to go.

And to be honest…I am relieved I decided to do so. I spent the last week enjoying time with my students, who made up the sweetest and kindest class this year, celebrated some birthdays, and spent time with dear friends in Milwaukee. Truth be told, taking that time made me feel much more rejuvenated. I brainstormed dozens of posts I’m eager to write, as well as created a bucket list for this summer for this blog. (Let’s just say I’m excited and cannot wait to share!)

Sometimes we all desperately need time to rest. We need time to Live Life Unplugged so we don’t get burned out by the constant work we do. In reality, taking that time to rest is a huge benefit to ourselves. It goes along with that self-care concept. It’s too important not to take care of ourselves!

The reality is that taking time to rest does not mean you are a failure, but rather strong for recognizing that need to rest in yourself. 

When I was at the shoe store to buy new running shoes this week, the salesman talked about how we now live in a society of instant gratification and don’t want to take time to figure out what fits in our lives. And you know what? He’s right. 

We feel the need to do things instantly and gain something in return, instead of slowing down. This often calls us to create higher (often unreasonable) expectations of ourselves. We have to accomplish this task and this task and this task all within a limited amount of time–that never really helps us. (I realize this is a generalization, but one I’ve seen many times.) In truth, last week I was feeling stuck in how to best push forth my blog, and I realized that LemonadePress is a reflection of how I am doing and how I am. If I’m not feeling up to writing it, then why put forth work? It’s okay to let go sometimes and trust that it will all be okay. Besides-taking a break has helped me to feel quite excited for what lies ahead.

If you are feeling burnt out or frustrated by something you’re putting your time and energy in to, don’t be afraid to step back. Take a good look at what you’re doing and figure out how to best move forward. Taking a break really won’t hurt you in the long run, because if it helps you to feel rejuvenated than that break will have been well worth it.

Has anyone else experienced taking a break from blogging or their business? What did you do to make yourself slow down?

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  • When I went on a roadtrip at the start of this year I had to take a break from blogging and at first it stressed me out (sounds ridiculous) but I’d got so used to snapping everything and posting on social media that NOT doing it felt very foreign to me. But it was so so so good. I got to be present and actually enjoy the moment and when I came back I felt so refreshed!

    • I am so with you!! It’s crazy how you feel like you have to be posting all the time. But breaks are a-okay!!

  • Breaks are really important! Even from the things you enjoy a lot. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing some stuff and that’s totally fine.

    I love your top, by the way!

    xx, Melissa

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