Scenes of Serenity from Sunny San Diego

April 7, 2017

As much as I am a sucker for sweet alliterations, I absolutely adore time spent at the beach. There’s something so calming and unreal about watching the waves lap over the sand, and being able to watch the sun set and rise over the tide. Having lived in a land-locked state my entire life, being near water has always fascinated me. I love the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand between my toes as I walk on the beach. I could spend hours just sitting watching the waves!

This past weekend, I was invited by dear family friends to head to California for a few days and soak up the sun over Spring Break! I have never been to California, and was thrilled to be headed there with them. We spent time at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, which I was overwhelmed by! I realize it’s a big tourist destination, but my inner-child came out and I was thrilled to see the animals and sea life. I was also tickled pink to see the Giant Pandas at the zoo! (If you were following along on Instagram, I snapped a few pictures of the Pandas on my story) The Panda has long been my favorite animal, and we went twice through the exhibit to see them. Life. Made.

Another big highlight of the trip was stopping on Coronado Island near downtown San Diego. Coronado is an island with a great deal of history including a historic Victorian hotel called, Hotel del Coronado. We ended up stopping over to see the island and eat dinner and desert. The hotel is right on the beach and we watched the sunset while enjoying some ice cream. I was blown away with the island and especially captivated by this gorgeous hotel. It reminded me of the hotel from the movie, “Somewhere in Time” if anyone has seen it!

Although I took over 400 pictures on our four day trip, (many of which were of the animals at the Zoo and Sea World) I realized many of them were of the serene sunrises and sunsets, as well as many morning runs along Pacific Beach in San Diego to get coffee. (Our goal was to get in several miles for our marathon training, but let’s be real-it was hard to run without stopping to snap a quick phone picture or just to soak up the rays and moments in the sun.)

So instead of sharing pictures of the animals at the zoo, I figured I’d share these gorgeous pictures of the ocean and scenes from our trip. The goal of a vacation is to come back refreshed, and I most certainly did! I’m hoping you’ll feel a little refreshed, and perhaps inspired to travel there, after looking at these photos!

On this Friday, wishing you happiness and some scenes of serenity this coming weekend! 






PS- I do realize many of these don’t quite do the views and moments justice, but thank goodness for photo-editing tools to help bring out the colors. I also have to say, if you’re even remotely interested in seeing the San Diego Zoo, I highly recommend it. It really is an amazing place with a vast amount of animals and habitats to view. For goodness sake they even have a gondola to take you from one side to another! We spent 7 hours there and got to 80% of the zoo. If you’re also interested, Sea World is pretty magical as well, especially to see the shows the sea life puts on. It is quite the experience if you decide to go!

  • These photos are all so gorgeous, I honestly thought that one you used on a previous post was a stock photo. I stayed in San Diego when we visited the US a few years ago but we never got to the zoo sadly. I’d love to go someday though. We visited the Old town and Gaslamp quarter which were pretty awesome. Ah this post makes me wanna go to the beach right now!

    • I’ve heard such good things about the gaslight quarter! And thank you! I try to not use stock photos, instead editing my own photos so the colors are brighter! And it was so so gorgeous. 🙂
      Happy Friday!

  • These photos look so pretty! I went to San Diego when I was younger, but I want to go back so bad (especially after seeing this post)! I hope you had so much fun 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

    • It was so much fun! And such a beautiful place to travel to! Hope you get to make it back soon!

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