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Searching for Perfection…and Finding It

February 6, 2018

Ever since 2018 has begun, I have been time and again struck with the thought, “I don’t have to be perfect.” 

I’m not sure where I got this thought of how I needed to be perfect prior to now, but I guess somewhere along the line I did. And if you had asked me a while ago what I thought of perfection, I probably would have responded with, “There’s no need to be perfect!”

Somewhere since college, I may have let this thought of perfection seep in to my head, much without me realizing it. Maybe it was between being a very young teacher among a much older staff at my school- I had this feeling where I needed to act “perfect” just so others would see I actually did know what I was doing to gain respect. Or maybe it was because of the people who seemed to be successful on Facebook and Instagram were the ones who seemed to have it all put together.

I laugh because how many of us have heard about that exact definition of perfection and have been told to avoid it?? I chuckle because I told myself I would try to be me as long as possible and avoid striving for perfection, when in reality, I was striving for this ideal of perfection. I figured that if so many people had thousands of followers on social media with the “perfect” life, then what was stopping me from striving for perfection??

Jokes on you Caitlin. Because I started to realize the more I tried to be like others, the more I lost who I was. It’s something which makes you lonelier than you could have thought.

Striving for perfection sacrifices more than just our image, we lose ourselves.

Let’s look at it this way…

If we were to act, dress, think, and speak like the people we idolize or those people who have a “put-together image” of who they were and they also happened to have thousands of followers on Instagram, we wouldn’t be able to be ourselves.

And is that really worth it?

Here’s the reciprocal thinking of that…

How many different types of people are there in the world?? Millions. So in reality, it’s not worth it to sacrifice who you are as a person in order to stick out and be that “perfect” person.

If we tried to be just like everyone we respected on Social Media, we’d find ourselves aimlessly searching because there wouldn’t be one person to be like, there would be many. That’s not necessarily worth it.

Truth be told, this is what changed my thinking. I may have been striving to be someone, when in reality, I was searching for the best version of me.

It brings me to this point: You are unique and you are you.

You’ve got a story unlike anyone else, with gifts and talents that are just waiting to be shared. So why not just be you??

It may be the hardest gift to give ourselves-the ability to be ourselves, quirks and all. Telling yourself it’s okay to be you is one thing, but believing it is a whole other aspect.

Look at who you are. You have characteristics and talents that set you apart from others. Why not embrace those? God has created you to be “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” (Psalm 139:14), and He knows every hair on your head. You are truly, beautiful.

Dear friend, no matter what you feel you need to be, know you just need to be yourself.

You are perfect at being you.

Photo Credit: Erika Dash Photography

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