Seasons of Joy – With Lauren of And Coffee Blog

December 23, 2016

I am so pleased to present Lauren’s post as part of the “Seasons of Joy” series. Lauren is such a sweet soul who has a huge faith and passion for connection. You can find Lauren on her blog at: And Coffee Blog!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Lauren, from And Coffee Blog and I’m so excited to be guest blogging here at Lemonade Press! I love Caitlin and her blog, so I’m blessed and honored to be sharing today.

Today I’m sharing about how I found joy this holiday season, and for me this year it’s all about friends. So long story cut short, I grew up in California but moved to iowa when I was 14. I lived there with the exception of going to college in Minnesota and Oregon. Although my family loved living in Iowa, we had always wanted to go back to our home state and God answered that prayer.

I moved back to California with my family in August 2016, and it has been an amazing God organized journey. One of the most significant portions of that journey in my own life is friends.

God has brought in some amazing friends through work and church that have brought so much joy to my life. What’s extra special is He also brought some old friends, specifically some of my best friends from college, back into my life. Because we now all live in the same area!

To give you an insight to these wonderful people, these are the people that were not only my community in the social aspect but also the spiritual. These were the friends I could turn to with my faith, my struggles, my triumphs and they were there. These are the friends that would literally bring soup into my dorm room when I was sick and coffee to me in class if I was running late. After living basically 2 years with no one to connect with, outside my family, to having this amazing group back in my life brings me to tears as I type this.

So what brings me joy this Christmas season? My friends. My firends bring me joy this season. Being able to say I have friends this season brings me joy. Being able to plan Christmas cookie baking nights, Christmas parties, New Years Parties, and Secrets Santa’s is what brings me joy.

I never realized how important fellowship was in my social and spiritual life until it was no longer there.

For those without friends in your life I urge you to pray that God brings those people into your life. I prayed during those 2 years with out friends that God would bring friends into my life, and I pray with you and for you that you do the same. God will bring you those friends, continue to pray! He hears you, and He answers!

For those with friends in your life, as someone who lived with truly no friends, no connection, no community as 2016 comes to an end I urge you bless the friends in your life. Tell them you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them you love them and your relationship with them.
It’s amazing how much joy it brings to you when you love on those friends in your life.

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