Seeing the Big Picture

April 25, 2016

Star Painting

So often, I find myself looking around myself for the perfect picture. I love documenting moments, even if that means I pull out my old-school 2012 shutter flash digital camera or my good old camera phone. I love having some sort of image to capture important moments!

It has been one of my biggest frustrations lately that I try to take a huge panoramic shot of a moment or important place to show how truly amazing it is. I have realized just how difficult this is. It is so tough to truly explain the wonderful details of a picture, and not have them show up in the actual footage.

It’s also a pet-peeve of mine that sunsets never turn out quite as beautiful in pictures as they do in real life.

Which leads me to this question…why should we even try to capture these moments on camera?

A few years ago, I found myself up in the mountains at 9,200 feet of elevation on a High Ropes Course at night with good friends watching the Perseid Meteor Shower spill over us. Each of the stars flew across the sky, illuminating the world around us. There weren’t any city lights to diminish the wonder of the ceaselessly active sky. I can still remember feeling like I was an minute little part of the universe sitting on a log twenty feet in the air, tethered in to the course, staring up at a sky so vast and wondering, how, in all this significance above me, I was so blessed with life. The air wasn’t too cool and there wasn’t even a breeze.

It’s those perfect moments I want to capture and remember. The feel of the worn wood under my hands as I clung to the only un-moving thing around me, and the sight of the stars sailing through the sky.

A picture can’t exactly contain that image, or the feelings surrounding it.

For me, someone who loves to document things, I struggle with this.

But I think back to these moments and realize I don’t need to.

Those moments when you look back and you can remember things being crystal clear, picture or not.

It’s a gift we have of being able to remember moments like that.

And it’s taken me a while to realize that my own mind does a pretty good job of taking that mental snapshot without having to use a camera.

Besides, the picture can’t recount the thoughts I had as I watched shooting star after shooting star grace the heavens. It can’t exactly tell the story of my mind racing through the knowledge of how amazing this life really is, that out of the vastness of the Universe, God has given us this life to simply live. Small us. Small me. Yet our lives still hold so much significance.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?



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