Seeing the Good

July 21, 2016


Last week, my Mom and I sat at the Pepsi Center in Denver, eleven rows from the top, and the last row of filled seats to listen to the Worship Night in America Concert. Shortly in to the concert, an usher came up and offered us seats eleven rows from the stage to fill in seats not already filled.

With gratitude, we gladly enjoyed the rest of the concert put on by Chris Tomlin!

If you haven’t heard of Chris Tomlin, he is a popular Christian singer responsible for many popular and classic worship song of this century. His music is genuine and powerful. And if you haven’t heard this song, please check it out! (This is one of my favorite songs and always keeps my toe tapping.)

Anyway, the concert was fantastic, and was even more amazing up close.

In a world where things seem a little crazy at times, it is so important to take in the little moments, the small blessings, the little things that bring you JOY.

One of my favorite parts of this concert, besides being moved up (or down depending on how you look at it 🙂 ), was seeing so many people there worshiping and coming together for one purpose; to be together praising God, and to pray.

During the concert Louie Giglio, one of the speakers of the evening talked about seeing the good during some of the rough, confusing times going on right now. And my Mom and my ticket change got me thinking…

I think in many ways, it is hard to see the good right now. Especially when we look at things from a distance, maybe through the lens of the camera. We don’t see all the good. It is easy to make judgments or to throw out accusations because its what we do when we don’t know what to do or how to respond. I can’t blame anyone, because I know I do this too.

The concert for us was a pretty great concert from far away, but when we moved seats, things became in much greater focus.

In order to see the full picture of events that are going on, we have to get to know someone, see the full picture, seek out the good in each human being, and seek the truth at the smaller scale.

There is a great Depth to a person, a situation, a problem. There is good and there is bad. And really, there can’t be good without bad. We wouldn’t know what good really was if that was so.

All in all, it is too important to look for the good, even if viewing a situation from afar. Try to seek out the good in each and every situation as if we are up close and personal. Yes, it may be difficult, but in the end, it is so much more worth it.




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