September Goals

September 7, 2016


Happy Officially September! I’m pretty stoked for this month and have tallied up some goals on my list of things to accomplish this month.

1 // Spending Money on Clothing is Out

This one is huge for me. It’s kind of pathetic how much I appreciate retail therapy. I’m not a big spender on clothes, in fact I pride myself on spending reasonable amounts on tops, pants, etc. However, back in February I set my 101 in 1001 list to not buy clothes for at least one month, so September it is! My goal with this is to save money, but also appreciate the wardrobe I already have!

2 // Self-Hosting

My biggest goal for my blog is to move to Self-Hosting. I’m still doing research on which service to go with, and my tweets on Twitter led me to ASP Host Portal and Site Ore. Originally I had looked in to BlueHost. Right now, hosting seems a little daunting. I’m ready to make LemonadePress more “my own” and self-hosting seems like the next logical step. If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

3 // Keep Up with Reading

Since the school year has started I’ve put off reading. This is something I am not ready to do! To me, escaping in to a good book is something which distracts me from the craziness and stress from each day. I am currently in a book club, and I am setting the goal to keep up with the book club reading each week. First book? The Girl on the Train. 

4 // Plan out my weeks ahead of time

I’ve already started my own blogging planner, but now I’m realizing the benefit of planning out my week over the weekend, instead of flying from event to event each day of the week. My goal is to keep on top of these things, including my blogging calendar, school calendar, and personal calendar.

5 // Continue to Give Back

I’m not quite sure how this is going to take shape, but right now I want to find more ways to give back to the community.

6 // Blogging Goals

This goal fits right in to #1 and #4. My goal is to figure out a way to streamline my scheduling of my blog posts so I don’t have to be doing everything by hand. Co-Schedule…what a genius idea! I also want to figure out a signature for each blog post as well as designing a media kit. All doable goals!

Your Turn! Any big goals this month for you?


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