Three Shopping Tricks that Won’t Break the Bank

May 17, 2017

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There are many colorful and exciting summer clothing trends this season, and I cannot wait to share some of my favorites! I’ve loved all the ruffles, bright colors, patterns and prints, as well as the materials much of the summer statement pieces are made of. While I absolutely LOVE to peruse the racks at various department stores and boutiques, I often will try on oodles and oodles of clothing, only to realize that the cost of everything I would love to buy far exceeds my budget. However, there are still ways to incorporate the new “trendy” pieces in to your wardrobe without breaking the bank all while, sticking to a budget. Here’s a few of the ways I like to make sure I’m saving money and being a savvy shopper. 

1 // Use online reward shopping

Reward shopping is when you shop through an affiliate company in order to earn a portion of the sales back from what you purchase online. I really love using eBates, which gives you a percentage back of what you buy, depending on the retailer. eBates has you link your account to PayPal or a bank account, and each time you earn more than $5.01, you will receive a check for each cycle. I love this concept because I will go and try something on in a store, then go online and order it because I know I’ll get a percentage of the money back that I spend. This was especially helpful for holiday shopping!! (Also, this post is not sponsored by eBates, I just truly love their program and believe in it. It’s worked for me!) If you are interested in setting up an account on eBates, you can use this link. (Affiliate link for me)

Another program you can use online to save you money is Honey, which tests every coupon code automatically for you at checkout. And lastly, you can use ShopKick, which is an app that goes on your phone, and for each time you enter a store you receive “Kicks” or points that tally up, as well as linking your purchase to the app can get you gift cards at different stores. Any other affiliate reward shopping sites you may use?

2 // Thrifting

One of the ways I love to shop cheaply is by going through Plato’s Closet or other consignment stores. There may be a stigma on thrift shopping, but I’ve found that many of these consignment stores are now quite chic and offer affordable and “now trending” clothing that’s really good quality. I like being able to take my old clothes to a consignment store, which then will offer me store credit or cash for my old clothes which I can then use on new clothes. This is a pretty good deal and something I’ve utilized quite a bit! (I was able to find a Patagonia jacket for cheap at a thrift store that I constantly wear…you never know what you’re going to find!)

3 // Buy only what you need

I think this goes without saying, but purchasing something you already have just adds up the total cost of a new wardrobe. So, be aware of what you have before you buy something new. Purchase pieces that will last a long time and you know you’ll wear at least a dozen times. You want to be able to get the most out of your shopping, as well as be able to feasibly afford things.

Yes, shopping doesn’t have to be cheap, but it can be affordable and still “trendy”.

What are some ways you save money while shopping?

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  • I love thrift shopping. More than half my wardrobe comes from thrift stores something I am not ashamed of at all. I have this one coat I bought that gets complements every single time I wear it so it is silly that people care whether not it comes from a thrift store.
    Can you please do another one of those posts where you diy-ed a top that your bought from a thrift store I loved that. (Also I have written thrift store so many times that now it is starting to look weird.)

    • I have another DIY top to make this summer, so I’ll definitely be doing a post!
      Gotta love thrifting! Thanks, Megan!

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