Ski Tips for the Skier Who is Just Getting Started

February 8, 2017

Hat // Leggings // Boots (Similar) // Coat (Similar)

It may be no secret that one of my favorite sports is downhill skiing. I feel so blessed to have grown up in a state where skiing is second nature to many. Every winter, I get beyond hyped to head up to the mountains to ski, racing through moguls and powder on bluebird days. (And during the week I tend to daydream about powder days) Even if you’ve only skied once in your life, those perfect bluebird days get you hooked on skiing quickly.

If you are interested in skiing and haven’t gotten your feet in the snow yet, here are some quick tips to help you get started!

1 // Find a Skiing Buddy (Snow Buddy)

Whether you know someone who has been skiing all their lives or never skied before, find a friend to take with you to share in the experience! Besides the additional safety reasons, having someone to ski with helps to make for a memorable experience.

2 // Obtain the correct safety equipment

I’m a huge proponent of safety equipment. A helmet, proper gear (coat, pants, skis & boots that fit correctly), are all things that are essential when skiing. Yes, wearing a helmet may not be the fashion statement you’re looking for, but it is so much better to be wearing a helmet and protect your skull. (For obvious reasons!) Most ski rental locales actually require patrons to rent a helmet with your skis and boots.

3 // Don’t push yourself too hard

As tempting as this may be, skiing for the first time requires a certain amount of patience. Patience to understand proper form, how to control your speed, etc. Pushing yourself too much often results in injury. Just remember it took Lindsey Vonn years to perfect her skiing, so don’t worry about being a pro in a day. Practice does make perfect and I would encourage you to celebrate the little successes along the way.

4 // Go in with a Positive Attitude!

Having taken friends from out of state who had never skied on a mountain before, sometimes actually being on the mountain is imposing and intimidating for the first time. Go forth with a positive attitude and the mindset of being able to experience a whole new sport. Skiing is unique in so many ways, and as I said before, be sure to celebrate the successes. Cheer when you understand how to “pizza”, or have learned how to control your speed, or even when you can officially go down a slope without falling. And at the end of the day grab a drink and a slice of pizza, sit out on the deck of the lodge and take in the beauty around you!

Skiing is about enjoying being out in the mountains, and embracing the small successes. Skiing is also about appreciating your surroundings and the pretty wonderful gift of being able to share in such a wonderful sport.

Have any ski tips? Or good first-time skiing stories? I’d love to hear! 

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