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Some Thoughts on Miracles

February 1, 2018

April of my Senior year of high school had dawned bright and the pressing date to make a choice on which college to attend was coming quick. (Did anyone else get to the final deadline of deciding on a college and go, “Shoot. I have no idea”?) I had spent month analyzing which college to attend and hadn’t gotten anywhere, except for the conclusion I didn’t want to go too far away from home. There was a point when I knew exactly which college I wanted to attend, but couldn’t bring myself to vocalize the opinion since this school was out of state.

I quickly realized it was going to take an awful lot of guts and strength to say what my heart was already telling me. 

So I prayed about it. I remembered asking God to give me the right path to head down. Out of the final two schools, one school was states away and the other was a mere hour away from home. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my parents I wanted to leave the state where they were. I felt and still feel beyond blessed at the strong relationship to my family, and I couldn’t bring myself to leave them.

So I prayed God would give me the right option.

In the end, on one late April day, my parents sat me down and asked me what my gut was telling me. I guess all along, I was just needing someone to bring up the topic so I wouldn’t have to. And that in itself was a miracle to finally be able to say confidently, “I’m ready to go out of state.” It was the best decision I ever made.

Chances are…we’ve all had those times when courage has left us and the strength to get up and do something has inevitably seeped away.

Maybe it’s been those times we’ve prayed for a miracle. 

In those times it may seem like we are at a loss for determining the correct paths for our futures and there’s not much hope. It’s times like those that have taught me the only thing I can rely on is my faith. Faith things will turn out okay. Faith God will give us the right words and actions and results. And Faith that through it all, God is in control.

It’s a pretty hard thing to surrender to God. To fully put our trust in Him, with a complete and utter satisfaction that He knows what is best for us. I’ve been there, when my stubborn self just hasn’t been ready to give it all to him. In my own selfish ways, I like to solve problems myself.

With my college situation, it took a great deal of prayer before I finally realized God had the upper hand. He made the way true and accurate. Through my parents sitting me down and asking me truly what I was feeling about college made all the difference.

It was a small miracle, but a miracle none the less.

Miracles may look different than what we expect them to. 

Sometimes when we pray, we ask for some sort of sign, some sort of audible answer of “yes” or “no”, when in reality, maybe the miracles we are looking for are in the people around us.

Maybe the miracles can come to us in prayer.

We often think of miracles as big, miraculous signs, just as Jesus healed the sick and helped the blind to see. In the end of the book of (John 20:30), it states that Jesus performed more miracles during his lifetime than just the ones we know about through the Bible, but most of those miracles were not written down. Can you imagine those types of miracles that were performed? It’s hard at times to comprehend, but really, they could have been anything.

Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t know everything there is to know about Jesus’ miracles, because in all reality, we don’t need to know everything about Jesus or God.

It’s up to us to trust God and believe in the miracles Jesus performed, because if we were constantly on the look out for someone healing the blind, we could be spending a lot of time narrowing our focus instead of looking at the entire world around us, open to the possibility that real miracles could be happening every day.

We are each miracles. The ability to create change, instill joy for others, and create community is something truly amazing. Our own individual gifts are miracles which make us all unique.

So, whether you’re desperately praying for a miracle or searching for one, know that God is in control. Maybe the answer you’re looking for won’t come in the way you expect, but just know God is there seeking out the best path for you.

Photo Credits: Erika Dash Photography

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