Split Rock Highlights

June 20, 2016

Our trip to the North Shore was marked by a perfectly blue sky, eighty degree weather, and pristine views. Besides our stop in Duluth, we made the trip to an iconic North Shore Favorite: Split Rock Lighthouse.


Split Rock Lighthouse was opened in 1909 and has served as a beacon for ships for the last century. This icon on the shores of the Gitchee Gumee (Lake Superior) is a popular tourist destination.

IMG_1300 (1)

The interior of the Lighthouse is quite magical in itself, and E and I rushed through it, hoping to get the best views we could before the tourists came, as we had gotten there just as it had opened.

Besides the lighthouse structure itself, the Superior Hiking Trail runs nearby, and the grounds of Split Rock State Park are host to some scenic hiking trails.


Hiking along the shore, you can see the shores of Wisconsin on the opposite sides of Superior, and passing ships.



IMG_1317 (1)

Steep steps (171) take you to the shore from the lighthouse. The steps, mark where a trolley once ran to take supplies from the shore up to the lighthouse for the lighthouse keeper. The cement blocks next to the stairs mark where this trolley used to be.



It was heavenly sitting on the rocks, staring off in to the water, with hardly another person nearby, besides us.


In case you haven’t noticed, I love lighthouses. There is something so magical and mysterious about them that begs of forgotten tales and a time long past.


Our trip to Split Rocks was perfect. Gorgeous views, calming waters, and a great friend to share it with.

I would highly recommend heading here if you get the chance. It is a place not quickly forgotten!


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