Spring Cleaning Organization Guide

May 3, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Organization Guide

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

The Words “Spring Cleaning” may evoke a variety of emotions. For me, I am thrilled that Spring gives me a chance to go through the stuff that has accumulated over the past few months and organize, sort, donate, and store everything. Often times my Spring cleaning goes well beyond the usual putting things away, but also includes days of sorting through my desk drawers and bookshelves, closet, and under-the-bed.

When I begin Spring Cleaning, there’s a specific process I go through in order to make sure I get every inch of my space clean.

The first step is to take everything out so you can clearly see what you have, and use that time to clean the inside of drawers, cabinets, etc.

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog


Looking in the drawers that I haven’t necessarily looked in for a few months begins my sorting process. I pull everything out and sort things in to piles: throw-away, donate, keep, store. It’s usually at this point that I find things I had been looking for, for months!

In my closet, I like to pull everything out and sort things in to similar piles: throw-away, donate, keep, store. I’ll take things off hangers and really get in to the thick of it, trying things on to see if they still fit. If the dryer has done enough damage I’ll put it in the donate pile.I’ll also look through and decide whether or not I will actually wear a piece of clothing for the next few months. If I haven’t worn something in over a year, it is a definite no and will (depending on the condition it’s in) go either in to the throw-away or donate piles.

Another trick I’ve learned is to flip all the hangers the opposite direction in your closet, and when you wear something, flip the hanger that clothing item was on the other way. That way, when it comes time to clean out your closet, you can visually tell which pieces you’ve been wearing and which you haven’t. This makes it much easier to sort through!

Throw Away

In my closet, I will always put clothes in the Donate or Sell piles, but when I’m going through my desk, I’ll make sure to make a throw-away, shred, and recycle pile. It seems that throughout the year, the papers really have a tendency to stack up. This includes old receipts and notes. Some I’ll keep, but most of the time it goes to the shredder, recycling, or trash! Remember, Spring Cleaning is meant to help you get rid of things and clean out your life before the Summer. Don’t be afraid to toss things! Especially items that you know you don’t need or won’t miss a few months from now. Keep the important things to be organized later on.

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Donate or Sell

If you find old books, shoes, clothes, and other household items, make sure you keep a donation pile handy as well as a Sell pile. When going through my closet, I like to keep a bag for clothes that I will try to sell, which I’ll then to take to places such as Plato’s Closet or other secondhand retailer stores. If those items don’t sell, then I will donate to a donation retailer.

However, if you are getting rid of quite a bit, you might as well set aside a pile for a garage sale you could have in the Spring. Get a few friends or family to join you in the garage sale and set aside one Saturday or Sunday to set up shop.

Spring Cleaning Organization

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog


I could truly go on and on about organization, but the biggest part is that you need a system that works for you! First create piles of things. Put Winter clothes in a pile if you plan on storing them, create a space for your desk papers, closet items, etc. Spend time folding, organizing receipts into an accordion file folder, and utilize bins and buckets and baskets.

I personally really love using photo boxes for sweet notes I’ve received throughout the year. I know the boxes will help notes from fading and I usually slip my endless amounts of photos in there as well.

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog

Spring Cleaning with LemonadePress Blog


Finding the right container or place to store things is half the fun (or battle) of Spring Cleaning! Utilize baskets and bins, jewelry holders, and trays. Then, don’t be afraid to actually store things until the next season. Fold clothes in to vacuum bags and store them at the back of your, now clean, closet! (These vacuum bags are amazing and save so much space!)

Another trick for storing clothing is to flip pants and t-shirts on their side and stack them so you can visually see what you have in your drawers and bins. This also makes it easier to access your pieces of clothing.

By storing things, you are giving yourself more space, all while knowing where your newly stored and organized things are.

What are some of your biggest tips for Spring Cleaning?

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