Spy’in On The Weekend

February 20, 2017

Minnesota was absolutely Gorgeous this weekend. It was 60 and sunny which made for the perfect weekend to grab coffee, sit and chat, and explore town.

We spent our weekend in Minneapolis-St. Paul jumping all around. It was a whirlwind kind of trip jumping from place to place and trying new restaurants and shops throughout the Cities. The unique part of Minneapolis-St. Paul is there is a little something for everyone. Because of it’s expansive sprawl there are endless parts of the Cities to explore!

One of my particular favorite stops is Spyhouse Coffee. This hipster coffee bar has several locations throughout the Cities and each location consists of a calming, rustic-modern (?) vibe. (Each is also unique in its own way!)

Of course, when you go, you have to get the drink in an adorable Minnesota mug because you will love the coffee art a latte.

My particular favorite is the Carmello, a latte with caramel.

A perfect cup of coffee for a wonderful time to catch up with friends.

Perfect weather for sweaters and flannels! The lack of jackets was so surprising, considering Facebook reminded me two years ago theses lovely ladies and I were bundled up in Iowa from the -40 degree temperatures. (What?!)

Have you ever tried Spyhouse? If so, what are your favorite drinks? If you haven’t tried it, I’d love to hear some of your favorite coffee shops near you!

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